7:30 to 8:00 Arrival Coffee
8:00 to 8:10 Opening Remarks
8:10 to 9:00 Invited Talk: Xiatian Zhang (TalkingData) Making Data Talk
9:00 to 9:40 Keynote: Bernhard Pfahringer Why Big Data miners should care about Stream Mining
9:40 to 10:05 R. Dutta: Interactive Visual Big Data Analytics for Large Area Farm Biosecurity Monitoring: I-EKbase System
10:05 to 10:30 Z. Razavi, T. Sellis and X. Zhang: Anytime Concurrent Clustering of Multiple Streams with an Indexing Tree
10:30 to 11:00 Morning Coffee Break
11:00 to 11:40 Keynote: Francesco Bonchi Learning the strength of social influence
11:40 to 12:05 R. Ormandi, H. Yang and Q. Lu: Scalable Multidimensional Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling on Spark
12:05 to 12:30 M. Hassani, P. Spaus, A. Cuzzocrea and T. Seidl: Adaptive Stream Clustering Using Incremental Graph Maintenance
12:30 to 13:30 Working Lunch
13:30 to 14:10 Keynote: Latifur Khan Stream Data Mining and Applications: A Big Data Perspective
14:10 to 14:35 X. Zhang, W. Fan and N. Du: Random Decision Hashing for Massive Data Learning
14:35 to 15:00 P. Ravindra, R. Gupta and K. Anyanwu: Shared Execution of Clustering Tasks
15:00 to 15:30 Afternoon Coffee Break
15:30 to 16:10 Keynote: Jingrui He Heterogeneous Learning: Algorithms and Applications
16:10 to 16:50 Peter Reutemann: Invited Open Source Demo ADAMS
Joaquin Vanschoren: Invited Open Source Demo OpenML
16:50 to 17:15 Open Panel Discussion on Open Source Big Data Mining Tools
17:15 to 17:55 Keynote: Vincent S. Tseng In-Depth View of Some Key Challenges in Big Data Mining: Perspective from Practical Experiences
17:55 to 18:00 Concluding Remarks